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Type of product

Substainable Brand

Land of origin

London, United Kingdom

Established in


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OH MY GUM! is super tasty, plant-based and plastic-free chewing gum made with vegan-friendly ingredients and amazing natural flavours (mint and cinnamon). Such an easy and chic eco-friendly swap!

Regular gum is made of plastic. Yes, plastic! The same kind of plastic used to make tyres and glue and we have been cluelessly chewing on it for years. That’s why standard gum sticks onto our streets for years : it is made of plastic so it does not break down.

OH MY GUM! is made with natural chicle (tree sap from the sapodilla tree in Mexico) and chicle is what chewing gum was originally made of. That’s why OH MY GUM! is biodegradable and planet-friendly.

OH MY GUM! is also packaged in plastic-free and recyclable bag-friendly boxes designed to minimise waste.


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